Easy wine pairings for the common quaffer

Easy food and wine pairings

For me wine pairing has basically been red wine for steak and white wine for  everything else. Needless to say my red wine drinking skills could use some improvement. I find on a daily basis that wine farms do not make things easier with their crazy pairing suggestions they stick on the back of the bottles. They are so far out of the range of the everyday chef that it can Send you straight to McDonalds. They tend to go along the lines of slow roasted pork belly with truffle glazing on oyster mushroom ragout. It might as well be roasted griffin with phoenix eggs and candy floss gravy (though I imagine that candy floss gravy is actually a thing).

So it was with this in mind that I put together a pairing chart. Now there are a lot of them out there if you want to Google it, but this one brings it down to the basics and is pretty easy to follow – as long as you are smarter than a toddler when it comes to the world of farm animals you will do fine. I like it because a lot of illustrations use complex lines. They also use wine colour instead of the cultivar name which is a bit too subjective for me.

So copy it, print it, stick on the fridge* – I don’t mind as long as you can make use of it the next time you want to make boiled unicorn in a vanilla bean quiche.

Click to enlarge

* Personal use only. No media reproduction without permission i.e. don’t pretend it is yours. If you do then may Dionysus curse you to drinking box wine for life (amongst other nasty things).

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